A nature lover’s delight, Fiji has an unspoiled, unique environment of extreme beauty and tran-quility. Adrift for millennia in splendid isolation in the blue of the South Pacific it has escaped the evils of industrial progress and the incursions of dangerous animals. It awaits your discovery.

Exotic Escape


Fijians are nothing if not musical. On busy streets, in village markets, at home in their villages, many will be dressed in traditional garb. It is no show; it is the daily wear. Of course there are rousing events that tap into the culture, such as the kava cer-emony in which you down a cloudy liquid to cement your welcome, but this is just as genuine. If you come to Fiji to throw yourself into the culture, fine; if what you most want is an exotic escape, then you’ve also come to the right place.

There are native villages scattered all across the islands. It’s an edifying experience, whether you are traveling as a couple or as a family, to pay a visit to at least one of them. Most villages on the main roads announce themselves with a series of speed bumps reminding you to slow down (80 kilometers, or about 50 mph, is the speed limit in Fiji). Organized tours can be arranged, but it may be just as satisfying to meet a Fijian villager and be taken home on a personal visit. At some, you’ll be able to buy hand-woven baskets and mats. Here and there are villages of tradi-tional thatched cottages. The noblest structure–high peaked and set back from the others, on a village green–is occupied by the village chief. If you are admitted to his house for a kava cer-emony or a short tete-a-tete, by all means accept. After ducking through the low door, you may be asked to sit down on the straw fl ooring opposite the chief. Talk as you would to any friendly respected personage, and don’t forget to greet the chief with a hearty ‘Bula’.

Fiji has bus services, taxi, ferry services, seaplane and helicopter services, rental car companies and two domestic airlines which provide efficient services and make getting around Fiji a breeze. The open air buses are a unique way to travel – providing for some interesting holiday experience and also give you a chance to observe Fiji up close.

Fiji is famous for the variety of activities available. These include snorkeling over shallow reefs close to shore, diving, which offers a full range of a underwater experiences, riding in a jetboat, trekking in the tropical rainforests, swimming in the crystal clear waters of a rushing river, or even a visit to a sacred cave? How about a full day or half day shopping tour of Suva, or a special week-long excursion around the major island, sail through the magnificence of the Yasawa island chain or safari into the highlands to see rugged peaks and remote villages… Fiji has it all.

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